WARGAMING approach

While managing this project we have carried out promo-resource for the corporate fest of widely known Wargaming  company — large publisher and developer of computer games.


It’s a site with clearly presentation of information. Intense laying out and coloristics visually band resource together with Wargaming universe. The user feels with-it and gets involved into the game space from the first scroll: the stylistics, the graphics, easily understandable navigation are friendly to the "old campaigners" as well as to the newcomers. The fiery title graphics turns up a wish to come to the fest, while rapid and sketchy graphics of the motto strengthens the connection between site and tank battle images. And the last — individual tabs for the news and a brightly performed announce: they orient the user to the festwave and give him concrete information in an inspiring way.

We had helped to present, to impress, to equip with information and are sure that every site visitor had become the visitor of the WG Fest :)

21 000

guests attended WG FEST

2 000 000

spectators were the audience of the fest translation


stars perform live at the WG FEST