The real future

PRAS company has worked together with the United Nations Office in Belarus and we are rightly proud of it — the result inspires and rewards the eye: we have constructed an educational game and a video that develop the idea of green economy. We propose everyone to take a close look at this phenomenon today without waiting for phantom tomorrow.

Game for iOS, Android and Windows

The game consistently forms the idea of what does it mean to be eсologically aware. Successful passage of a stage results in moving to the next level. If you have already got accustomed to all energy alternative strategies and the ways they help to avoid waste, you can just have fun and catch rays with solar batteries, plan the route with rational usage of transport, go animal-photohunting and do a bit of right waste management digitally.

Advertisement video

In order to tell about green economy truly colorful, we have created a video. As a result, we got a kind animation about the day of a citizen who follows ecological principles. The video can be considered as a separate project of the company thanks to its usefulness: it gives hints on how not to get bogged down in days routine, presents the concept "А-class", tells a short story about friendship and bicycles.

Be eco-friendly and stay tuned to green economy wave! In our turn we will remind you of main principles and tell about everything once more or even develop another game or application if need be — there are always a plenty of ideas in PRAS company.


times the game was installed during the first months after release


TV-channels translated the video


year the video had been shown on the Minsk metro screens