Warmth of the woods
and scent of the woodchips

Belarusians have learned to process wood almost ten centuries ago. Rechitsadrev has been doing it for the past hundred years. We had to ensure a decent presentation for the enterprise which was marking its 110th anniversary. We inhaled the scent of the fresh woodchips and forests around the Dnieper river, counted the annual rings, enjoyed the wood rays and got down to chisels, electric planes and drawing tablets. It is impossible to get lost on the site even if you want to – we were very careful about it. No brain twisting searches: visitors who are focused on searching for furniture see that everything organized on the shelves, just like those they are searching to buy.


The pages of the website have the colour of the wood used in production of the materials and the furniture. The site keeps pace with the changing product range because we designed it in a flexible structure — new sections, categories and other bits and bobs will fit without any problems.

To cut a long story short, the project uses the best traditions of a classical design and has a simple and reasonable navigation. All these make customers want to visit, explore, enjoy, place orders and contribute to the dynamic development of the enterprise.


types of products are currently produced by the enterprise


countries in Eastern Europe covered by sales


years marked by the enterprise in 2015