Real patriots

The first rule we followed while working on the club’s website — you do talk about the club for letting everyone to know about it. The main development idea was to make a potential club member feel and understand what to expect and what he will deal with in the future. Coaches at Patriot club teach to awake the combat gene, to overcome oneself and to get inner power. We could not ignore such powerful ideology and wanted to make for that clubsomething special.


The animated image on the main page (the fighter moves back and forth) sets the mood right from the first click. The background images in each section are original and were made especially for the project; they helped to bring the key idea to life.

Video presentation

Users can check the training schedules and learn new things about Muay Thai; meanwhile the design is helping to achieve the necessary results. Sharp angles keep the necessary level of tension, and along with the reserved colour combination all reflects the idea of a rational calculation of each action at the tournament.

The work resulted in the following: the atmosphere of a will to win; clear navigation; responsive web design. The localization enables fans from all over the world to get into the spirit of Belarusian fighting. 


World and European champions train in the club


countries where Patriot club is presented


place took the club website at AD.Nak! advertising festival