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«Nasha Niva» is a resource, which provides a huge amount of information. We asked ourselves how it could be competetetly processed and adopted for the diverse target audience. Going inspired by the editorial experience of the Nasha Niva staff, we tried to stay within the honed over centuries editorial model as well as to keep the trend. In light of that we have renewed the site in suitable manner and even have created a separate portal for a women part of the audience.

The Nasha Niva portal

As it was more than a century ago and continue to be at present time, The Nasha Niva is a multifunctional edition. There were plenty of topics, photos, videos, texts on it online pages, which needed to be correctly structured and put into a readily accessible form. The result of our work was the following: The Nasha Niva has become the third-popular resource in Belarus and the most popular resource among the media presented the news in Belarusian language.

Woman portal

The Nasha Nina was intended to be an advance version of a woman portal. Design directs materials to the readers in an easy manner, the presentation model is fresh, not too sweet — we have been able to keep balance between online media and woman magazine.

Read, scroll and don’t go far away from news fields.


attendance position in Belarus takes the resource the Nasha Niva

8 000 000

is a number of pages viewed monthly


years covers the history of the Nasha Niva