Lazy postcards

"You don't take a photograph, you make it," a photographer from San-Francisco said foreseeing the development of our application back in the 20th century. While working on the Lazy Card project, we interpreted and developed that idea. The application pleases the eye, soul, wallet and the time manager within you. It allows for a photo taken using your phone to be quickly converted into a paper format which can then be posted to relatives, friends or foes, as an actual postcard in an envelope.


The logo is made up of origami-like letters, creating the feeling of authenticity of the process. The bright colour of the application brings it all to live.

Mobile application

All features of Instagram are available at the editing stage: filters, texts and frames. We did a lot of serious work with the server’s АРІ; as a result the app’s static and dynamic data are real-time. You can pay for the services of the "carrier" pigeon either by card or by SMS.


The promo website contains detailed instructions on how to make the person that matters to you the most happy. You can spread the joy further using the mail chain.

This is probably our most heart warming application filled with the belief that the beauty of one moment may indeed save somebody’s world.


platforms for mobile devices


USD — the cost of a postcard


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