One of the liveliest and reddest projects of art studio PRAS is connected with Belarusian company Fox Hunt.
This time we started from the corporate character, fox Tod, who is well-versed in consulting, recruiting and head hunting. A clever, patient and business-friendly fox-consultant “hunts” for the objectives set at the very beginning, promptly adjusts the action plan if needed and ensures a bright result for the client – such impression is created by the style of the company, its mobile application and promo website developed by us.


The logo consists of the fox tails. These tails are also used in the corporate stationery for workshops and trainings. Tips of the tails can also be noticed in the email template, as well as on the pages of the company’s social networks.

Mobile application

The recruiting program developed by us has no analogues in Eastern Europe. Recommending somebody, makes you eligible for a financial reward if the person is hired. By recommending yourself (which is also possible) you get the job you have been hunting for. And Tod gives the user "clues" as to what steps should be taken.


The corporate fox can also be found on the promo site sniffing out the vacancies and professionals. The internal pages contain successful recommendations which are extracted from protected data from the server and are presented in a convenient readable form.

As a result of our hard work the professionals have more chances to find an interesting job position, the company - reach a new level of development, and fox Tod has new opportunities to solve another interesting task.


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dollars – average award for a recommendation