On football

Paraphrasing Bale’s words, we would like to note that we do not intend to prove anything to anyone – we are trying to prove to ourselves that we can become even better and stronger with each new project. One of the recent projects implemented by art studio PRAS is the website for Public Sport Association “Football Territory”. It is unique: there are no analogues in Europe, and in particularly in Belarus.


One website actually performs the function of three — a corporate business card, an online shop and a social network. Thus, we created a single space to exchange ideas, skills and experience all of which form the basis of a spectacular and effective game. Every football enthusiast has an opportunity to raise his or her topic and share their feelings and impression form the competent refereeing or polite competitors’ game.

Portal management

Football Territory is operated by multiuser system that helps to collect user’s big-data (leagues, seasons, teams, players, matches) during all the period of using the portal and at the same time to segregate access between hundreds of administrators. It’s easy and quick to take notes thanks to well-considered UI and optimized database access.

There is a conventional football wisdom: commentators are the people who prevent others from following the tournament. Our studio acted as a counterweight: it professionally helped to find their feet in football.

16 000

visitors of the website per month


teams from all over Belarus


social network for football players