Taking sides

Trying to breathe a new life into the website, developing the corporate style and completely changing the design of Belaruski Čas newspaper, we approached the concept of the periodical. As a result, we even reconsided the periodical’s philosophy. Now the main Belarusian newspaper of the trade unions takes the side of a personality and not the one of an entity. On the one hand, this is determined by the target audience (and by common sense) and, on the other hand, it determines the layout of pages, both the electronic and paper formats.



The logo and a specially designed font were created based on a small triangle, akin to the one used in Excel for commentary, or a quotation mark in Word. The corporate stationery emphasizes that the periodical is respected and is readable; it can be and should be referred to. The font visualizes such concepts as mobility, pithiness and accuracy.


While working on the website, we focused on the peculiarities of reading and perceiving the information on the internet. The upgraded information portal “thinks” about the readers and delicately draws their attention to the topics chosen by editors. Everything has been automated – the most popular news form a separate column; banners disappear without bothering readers; comments are gently pre-moderated. Readers can link their accounts to all social networks and activate any profile while entering the website.


Now let’s speak about the newspaper itself. We have dramatically changed the layout: if you compare it to the newspapers such as Le Monde, Der Tagesspiegel or Der Zeit, you will be pleasantly surprised. A lot of "breathing space" surrounding the text adds points to readability and aesthetics; distinctly structured quotes add to the presentable appearance. Printed pages resemble a tablet screen and materials are carefully and evenly structured. And it is easy to read on the Metro, if it is folded.

Thus, our art studio has helped to emphasize the following: Belaruski Čas knows what it says and values its readers. No “plush” words – just professionalism in relevant and objective materials. 


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