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Belarusian and Litvin chess is a unique project we have been working on for several years and are very proud of. We did not just modify the classics; our objective was to work with the game idea and philosophy and to base it on Belarusian political and military culture of the Middle Ages. Thus, we have a battlefield with the Kniaź (Duke) and the Hetman instead of the King and the Queen. If the Kniaź  dies, the Knyažyč obtains the right for the throne. The main concept of the game has also changed: you do not have to kill in order to win — you just have to capture the throne, reinforce your power and thus demonstrate real strength.

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The historical mood of the game is reinforced by the soundtrack which was created for this game. Players can ponder over the interactive board both alone and with a competitor – using the internet or a local network. Moreover, one can print list of all of the steps in the game, which allows for the analysis of the strategy, and send it to an "enemy" or a friend.


Visiting the promo site the users freeze when they see the deep and mighty look of the great Kniaź. After some time, a potential chess player remembers his or her purpose of the visit and moves through the website using the arrows or the menu which is fixed at the top and appears on the left during navigation.

The tournament leads you to a strong belief that our ancestors must have played chess like this; even though the game has existed only for a decade. But who cares...


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