The country of pleasant surprise

The project was aimed at development official touristic portal of Belarus. We had two rather complicated tasks: to talk about the country from A to Z and to make portal interesting for visitors both from Belarus and from other regions. How can tourist from abroad remind of our country while searching for a place to go? Churches, castles, palaces — you have already seen plenty of them in other countries of Europe. The thing we can really interest you with is the ability to surprise… Surprise in a pleasant way! :)


In the strict sense Belarus.Travel is a website and in the wide sense — a portal with multilingual flexible localisation. Coming to the site, users feel like they are taken by the arm: the most interesting and important features, life hacks, events are gathered together on the one resource.

Multilingual constructor

From the technical point of view, the site is a constructor: each page can be adapted for any layout, relevant to the design, literally by several clicks. Clever localisation helps to make absolutely flexible settlement for users from different language regions.

Flexible portal has been created, tourist is aware of special features of staying in Belarus, knows how to get visa, where to come for host and to have a meal, — what more is needed for the resource about the country of pleasant surprise?


such site for tourist in belarus

19 000

users come to the portal for information each month


new articles are added on the resource every day