Beauty treasures

Have been carrying out a scientific work and don’t have enough time for running around museums for needful pieces? Have visited National Art Museum and since then are under impression of works by Bialynicki-Birulia, though it’s been a couple of  days since you left it? Have time for useful procrastination at work? Then we let you know: PRAS company has created and designed State catalogue of museum items. We have processed more than 160 000 of objects. One site accesses all museums of Belarus. Sounds inspiring, doesn’t it?


Set up filters — and begin captivating journey: a museum, a type of an item, material, country, creation technology, year or author… Just imagine, how many pieces of art can now be found and examined! First not leaving a room or library and then, of course, live, direct in museum hall. One can wander the site for hours or even days, so be morally prepared to get carried away, forget yourself, plunge into the world of history and beauty. Design and layout have much about it: quiet, softly colors, neat font style, appropriate filter bar position.

Private access

From the moment we created this portal, every museum has its own account. The objects, that should be added, differ by security and access rights. We did our best to make catalogue convenient for filling. We moved away from private servers for each museum — the system is supported by cloud technologies, that’s why the data cannot be lost even with very bad luck.

Search and find, continue research and enjoy masterpieces of art.


catalogue of museum items in Belarus

161 000

museum pieces are stored in the database


museums are combined by developed system