Game with a history

Nowadays, the board games are in trend. Having chosen the right moment, we developed and successfully implemented the 1514 project. The task was not simple — in the context of the game we had to appeal to historic realities and get a lively and interesting strategy. We did not want to borrow anything. We were in the process of active and large-scale thinking and got an excellent board game for those who would like to test the limits of their knowledge.


The game set consists of the playing area and the die, 30 red cards which give orders, 30 black cards with actions, three figures for the forces of each party and the rules of the game.
The age of players is 6+. One battle lasts for forty minutes, and it is impossible to predict the total number of battles.


In order to distribute 1514 game and promote the idea, we created an epic promo site. The introductory text, issue-related graphics and animation immerse users into the game and create suitable atmosphere. There is an accurate and brief information about the game, the rules and addresses of shops where it can be purchased.


The promo video contributed to the promotion campaign. The heroic footage, close-ups and epic sound — all these raise the spirit and fuel emotions.

In order to avoid atemporal errors while a player is in the Middle Ages, all elements of the project (the ancient castle, settlements, mills, drawings of medieval weapons, etc.) resemble the original ones as much as possible: we studied a pile of historic documents and can guarantee that players will spend a lot of time in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania devotedly fighting with the enemy.


copies of the game sold during the first week after the release


annual game tournaments held in Belarus


epic Belarusian board game